Sunday, March 6, 2011

Color My World

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro
4-6 Tubes by the same artist - I'm using Pinuptoons - Purchase at CDO
You must have a license to use these tubes.
Filters Used: Penta-Jeans, Photo Effex-Scanlines and Xero-Radiance
Fonts Used - Impact & Cyclo

Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowlege of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.
Ready to have some fun?  Lets go! 

Open a new image 600  x 275 px.
Activate your Flood Fill tool , choose two colors from your main tube and make a gradient with them using these settings.

Copy and paste each tube you want to use in the background as a new layer.  Resize and arrange them to your liking.  When you are happy with their placement, go to the layer palette and hide your gradient layer.  Activate the very top tube layer and merge visible.  Apply a drop shadow to this layer.  I used  V & H =2 - Opacity 4 - Blur 4 - Black.  Change blend mode to Overlay.
Unhide your gradient background layer activate it in your layer palette and apply the Scanlines filter with these settings:

 Activate your tube layer and grab your rectangle pre-shape tool - Foreground Null - Background White, and draw a thin vector rectangle the whole length of the canvas.  Grab the center node to move it to where you want it.  Convert it to a raster layer and change the opacity of this layer to around 60. 
Create vector text on top of this white Rectagle.  I used the "Rainbow" gradient which came with my PSP with these settings.

Grab the node on each end and stretch your text out to the sides to fill the white layer. 

Keep in mind that we will be making a frame so leave room on each side for that.  When you are happy with the length, go to Objects > Align > Horizontal Center.  Remember you can grab the node and make the text smaller if you didn't leave enough room for the frame.  When you are happy with the placement of the text convert to raster layer.  Duplicate - apply penta jeans filter with Amount = 62 and border width = 4. Activate your original text layer (bottom one) Selections> Select All > Float > Modify > Expand = 2.
Grab your flood fill tool and fill with White. Select none. Activate the colored text layer and merge "down".
  This will merge the two text layers only. 
Add a drop shadow - I used V&H = 1 Opacity 30 - Blur 3 - Black.
Copy and paste your main tube as a new layer. Resize and arrange.  When you are happy with it's placement, duplicate.  On the copy apply a blur - Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur > Radius = 3.  Change blend mode to Soft light.
Apply Xero Radiance filter to you original tube layer with these settings:

If you don't like how it looks with these settings, click on "random" until you find an effect you like.
Create a new layer - Select All - Flood fill Black - Selections > Modify > Contract =1 Hit delete on your keyboard. (Don't deselect yet)
Create a new layer - Flood fill with the same gradient you made with colors from your tube - Selections > Modify > Contract = 5 - Delete (Again, don't deselect yet).
Activate the layer with the 1 px black layer - Flood fill black - Selections > Modify > Contract =1 - Hit delete - Select none.
Activate the top layer (gradient frame) apply penta jeans filter with the same settings used before. Merge down to make a single frame layer
Add appropriate copyright, license number and your name - Merge visible and save as a PNG or JPG... and you are done!


This is real easy we are going to use the same banner we just made.  Press Shift + D on your keyboard.  This will duplicate the banner you just made.
Activate your crop tool set to 150 x 150 px it will look like this on your banner.

Grab the center node and move it arround until you are happy with the placement > Apply (I click on green checkmark). This will crop your whole tag down to 150 px.
All the layers will be shown in the layer palette - Delete any layers you don't need and merge visible.
Now you will make a frame like you did on your banner tag.
Create new layer - Flood fill black - Select All > Selections> Modify > Contract = 1 - Delete
Create new layer - Flood fill with gradient - Selections> Modify > Contract =3 - Delete.
Activate 1 px black frame layer > Flood fill black > Selections > Modify > Contract = 1- Delete
Select none
Apply Penta Jeans filter on your gradient frame layer and merge visible.
Add appropriate copyright, license number and your name and save as a PNG or JPG.
And now your forum set is complete!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.  

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