Saturday, May 14, 2011


Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro
Tube of choice with close up - I am using Pinuptoons- Purchase at CDO 
(I purchased this tube at CILM which is now closed.)
Also, Elias Chatzoudis art - Purchase at PTE - (I purchased this tube at MPT).
You must have a license to use these tubes.
Emo Skullz Scrapkit by Melissa at Melissas Insprirations you can grab it HERE
Babe's Designz Mask 23 (Unfortunately, Babe's blog is down.  You can either use another mask or download the set from this tut at her Tutorial Site) HERE
My Wordart HERE- right click to save.
Filter Used:  Xero-Radiance (optional)
Alien Skin Eyecandy 5 - Glass & Gradient Glow (optional)
Fonts used:  Mostios & Janis for wordart and Arkitech

Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowlege of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.

Okay lets have some fun!

Open a new canvas 650 x 650 flood fill white.
Open frame 3 - Paste as a new layer
Grab your magic wand and click inside frame - Selections - Modify - Expand -12
Add a new raster layer and move it under your frame.
Open paper 31 - Paste into selection - Keep Selected
Open your close up tube and paste as a new layer - Arrange - Selections - Invert
Tap delete on your keyboard - Select None
Change the blend mode of your close up to hard light.
Open Star Scatter 1 - Paste as a new layer - Resize 45% 
Move down and to the right hand side see my tag for reference
When you have it arranged where you want it, move it under paper layer in your layer palette - Duplicate - Mirror - Merge down - Duplicate - Flip - Merge down.
Add drop shadow.  I used V & H 2 - Opacity 40 -  Blur 4 - Black
Activate your white background layer add a new raster layer - Select all
Open paper 2 - Paste into selection - Select none.
Apply mask (If you are using Babes mask, make sure Invert transparency is ticked) - Merge Group
Grab your pick tool and using the upper left hand node, stretch the mask to the side.  Do the same for the other 3 corner nodes until you have a nice round effect.

Open glitter splash 1 and paste as a new layer.
Activate frame layer (this is just so you have a better view for the next step)
Open Flame 2 - paste as a new layer - resize 80%

Grab your magic wand and select inside flame - Selection - Modify - expand 3
Add a new layer and pull under flame.  Using the colors #000000 for your background  and #b4587a for your foreground make a gradient with the following settings.

Flood fill inside selection - Select none.
Apply Glass filter with these settings

Activate flame layer - merge down - Apply Gradient Glow with these settings.

Arrange to bottom left side and pull under the paper layer in your layer palette- Duplicate - Mirror
Activate frame layer - Open Skull 13 - paste as a new layer - Resize 30% - Arrange - Apply same gradient glow twice.
Paste your main tube as a new layer - Arrange - Duplicate - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur -3 - Change blend mode to soft light.
Apply radiance to your original tube layer with these settings or hit random until you get the effect you want.

Apply same drop shadow used before.
Apply word art or use your own.
If you are going to resize your tag do it now.
Apply appropriate copyright, license number and your name.
Hide white background layer - Merge visible and save as a PNG.

Here is another example using the awesome art of Elias Chatzoudis.
I hope you enjoyed my tut and hope to see you again real soon!

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Angela said...

I love this tutorial! I'd really like to make it but when I go to get the scrapkit the blog doesn't load and there is just a thing that says I visited and the blog won't load. I can't contact the blog owner or anything.