Friday, April 8, 2011

Pastel Easter

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro
Tube of choice - I am using Pinuptoons - Purchase at CDO
Also, Elias Chatzoudis - Purchase at Elias Art Shop
You must have a license to use these tubes.
DBV Easter 2010 FTU Scrapkit by Vaybs at Designs by Vaybs you can grab it HERE
My Wordart HERE or HERE - right click to save.
Filters Used:  Xero-Porcelain, Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact-Gradient Glow (both optional)
Mura Meister - Copies
Font used:  TwinkleStarROB
Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowlege of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.

Ok lets have some fun!

Open a new canvas 600 x 600 flood fill white.
Open frame 4 paste as a new layer - Resize 80% (Resize all layers unticked)
Grab your magic wand and click inside frame - Selections > Modify > Expand-5
Add new layer - Open paper 6 paste into selection > Ajust > Blur > Gaussian Blur-3
Move paper layer underneath frame layer - keep selected.
Open element 17 paste as a new layer - Resize 80 % > Selections > Promote selection to layer > Select none.
Activate frame layer - Open element 10 paste as a new layer - Resize 30% > Apply Copies filter "encircle" with these settings:

Activate white background layer - Add a new layer > Select All > Flood fill with #0077b9 > Select none.
Apply Horsplay's Pasture Mask 8 > Merge group.
Open element 20 paste as a new layer - Resize 37% > Apply copies with same settings as before but change shift x and shift y to 40.
Open DBV Easter 2010 element paste as a new layer - Resize 45% > Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen .
Apply copies with same settings you just used.
Open element 15 paste as a new layer -Resize 60% > Arrange on tag.
Open your main tube arrange to your liking - Duplicate - Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur-3
Change blend mode to what looks good for your tube - I used Multiply.
Activate original tube layer and Apply Porcelain Filter with these settings:

Apply drop shadow to this layer.  I used V & H =2 - Opacity 40 - Blur 4 - Black

Add elements to your tag now.  I used:
Element 16 - Resized 40%
Element 7 - Resized 50%

Apply drop shadow to promoted bead layer. I used V & H=1 - Opacity 45 - Blur 7 -Black
Merge this layer "down" to paper layer.
Activate green frame layer - Merge "down" > Apply drop shadow.
Apply drop shadow to Flower circle layer, outside bead layer, and any other elements you used in your tag.
I didn't use a drop shadow on the grass layer or the last two "copies" layers.
Apply wordart or make your own.  I made mine using Gradient glow #e83d6b with these settings:

Add copyright, licesne number and your name. 
Hide background layer - Merge visible and save as a PNG.
Here is another example using the awesome art of Elias Chatzoudis.

Enjoy your tag

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