Saturday, August 20, 2011

Perfect Moment... (Animated)

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop (Optional)
Tube of choice - I'm using the artwork of  Pinuptoons - Purchase at CDO . 
 Also, the art of Ismael Rac - Purchase at his STORE . 
You must have a license to use these tubes.
FTU Emo Glamorous Scrapkit by Designs by Vaybs -  grab it HERE
Horseplay's Pasture Mask 27 by Horseplay's Pasture - grab it  HERE
Wordart by me - Included in Supplies
Font used: Will & Grace - Free font Included in supplies

Get my supplies HERE

Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowlege of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.

Open new canvas 600 x 600 pixels - Flood fill white.
Open frame from my supplies - Paste as a new layer.
Add a new raster layer - Move below Frame - Select all
Open Paper - Paste into selection - Select None - Apply Horseplays Pasture Mask 27 - Merge group.
Click on your pick tool - Grab the node on each bottom side and pull down evenly.

Make sure you don't pull it down too much or you will get a straight line on the bottom of your tag.
Duplicate mask - Merge down.
Open Element 45 -  Paste as a new layer - Resize to 70% - Move to top - Duplicate - Mirror - Flip - Merge down.
Open Element 44 - Paste as a new layer - Resize to 70 % - Move to bottom - Duplicate - Mirror - Flip - Merge down.
Open Element 23 - Resize to 68% - Move to top - Duplicate - Mirror - Flip - Merge Down.
Open Element21 - Paste as a new layer - Resize to 80% - Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize - Hue-50 Saturation-81.
Open Element 28 - Resize to 70% - Move to top right - Duplicate - Mirror - Merge down - Duplicate - Flip - Merge down.
Open Element 25 - Paste as a new layer - Resize to 65% - Free Rotate-Right 15 (All layers unticked) - Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen - Arrange to outer left side of frame - Duplicate - Mirror - Merge down.
Apply subtle drop shadow on all layers except for frame and mask layers.
  I used V&H=1 - Opacity 30 - Blur 3- Black
Activate Circle Frame layer.
Open Paper 11 - Rotate Right - Resize to 65% - Paste as a new layer - Move to left so the purple is on the very right hand end of the rectangle frame.
Activate frame layer - Grab your magic wand and click inside - Selections - Modify - Expand - 10 - Selections Invert - Activate your paper layer and hit delete on your keyboard - Select none.
***NOTE:  If you're animating your tag skip the next step.***
Open Element 3 - Paste as a new layer - Resize to 37% - Arrange top left 
Now add any elements you want to your tag.  I used:
Element 29 - Resized 50%  Duplicated
Element 17 - Resized 70%
Element 2 - Resized to 40%
Element 10 - Resized to 45% - Free rotate 20 right.
Element 70 - Resized to 70%
Elements 13 & 14 - Various resizes - They get blurry so don't forget to sharpen.
Element 39 - Resized 50% and again 85%
Activate top layer and paste your tube as a new layer - Arrange - Duplicate - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian blur-3 - change blend mode to soft.
At this point I ususally apply radiance or porcelain on my original tube layer, but I think this tube needs a little darkening and here's what I did, (but you do whatever looks good for your tube).
Activate original tube layer - Duplicate - Change blend mode to multiply and bring the opacity down to 50.
Activate orginal tube layer - Apply drop shadow - I used V&H 2- Opacity 40 - Blur 4-Black.
Hide all layers except for your tube layers - Merge Visible - Unhide all layers -
Activate frame layer - Click inside with your magic wand - Selections - Modify - Expand 1 - Invert
Activate your tube layer - Erase overhang with eraser tool - Select none.
Apply drop shadow used for tube to frame layer.
Apply wordart supplied or use your own.
If you are going to resize your tag, do it now.
Add appropriate copyright, license number and your name.
If you aren't going to animate, hide the white background layer, merge visible and save as a PNG.


On to the animation! 

Open Animation Shop.
Open clock animation in AS.  Select all frames (Ctrl + A)
Back to PSP
Locate the frame layer and close off visibility. Next close off all the layers above it.  Activate Paper layer - Merge visible - Copy merged background layer and paste as a new animation in AS.  The clock animation has 8 frames so duplicate your background to a total of 8 frames.  Make sure frame 1 stays activated.
Grab the clock animation and drag it over on your background layer when you are happy with its placement let it go and it will automatically put the clock in the same place in the other frames.
This is the approximate location of the clock.

When happy with placement go back to PSP  - Close off the background layer and open all the rest of the layers.  Activate the Top layer - Merge visible. Copy and paste as a new animation in AS - Duplicate to a total of 8 frames - Select all - Activate frame 1 - Grab it and drag it over onto your background.  Place it so the paper is centered inside the frame.  Let go and it will copy to the rest of the frames.
Select All - Animation -  Frame properties - Change to 99 - View animation.  If you are happy with how it looks save as a gif and you are done!

Here is a non-animated version with the awesome art of Ismael Rac.

 I hope you enjoyed my tut and I'm looking forward to seeing you back soon!


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