Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Wonderland (Animated)

Supplies Needed:
Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop
Tube of choice - I'm using Pinuptoons - Purchase at CDO . 
 Also, Caron Vinson - Purchase at CDO - (I bought this tube  from MPT).
You must have a license to use these tubes.
 FTU Scrapkit Dress in Snow by Cindy at Chichi Designz -  grab it HERE 
FTU Wordart by Word Art World by Jennnifer - grab it HERE
Gemsmasks-171 by Gems Taggin Scraps - Included in supplies
Font used for name:  Denise Sans - Included in supplies
Filter Used Xero - Porcelain
My Supplies - HERE
Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowlege of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.

  Wanna try it?  Ok, lets have some fun!

Unzip my supplies and put the WW-Snow picture tube in your Picture tube folder.  Open PSP.
Open a new canvas 650 px wide by 650 px high - Flood fill white
Open Frame - Resize to 23% - Paste as a new layer
Open Paper 2 - Resize to 400 x 400 px - Paste as a new layer
Move under frame layer in your layer palette.
Open snow 2 - Resize to 25% - Mirror - Paste as a new layer - Arrange to bottom.
Open Tree - Resize to 16% - Paste as a new layer - Duplicate - Mirror - Arrange Duplicate layer to center left and orginal tree layer to the right side until you have a slight overhang beyond the frame edge.
Move both tree layers beneath the snow layer in your layer palette.
Open Wolf - Resize to 8% - Paste as a new layer - Arrange between in middle of trees.
Lower the opacity of the wolf layer to 82%
Add a drop shadow to all layers except snow & paper layer.
I used V&H=1- Opacity=30 - Blur=3 - Color #404040 (I applied the dropshadow twice to the frame since I used a light grey.)
Close off visibility on the frame layer and the white background layer.
Activate your paper layer - Selections - Float - Defloat - Invert
Activate snow layer and hit delete on your keyboard - Keep selected.
Activate tree layer with overhang - Hit delete on your keyboard - Select none.
Activate snow layer - Merge Visible
If you are not going to animate your tag, skip this next step.
Duplicate this layer to a total of 4 layers - Name these layers 1, 2, 3 & 4.  Layer 1 will be the closest to the top.  Activate layer 1 - Selections - Float - Defloat
Click on your picure tube tool - Locate WW-Snow within your tubes and select it - Use these settings:  Scale =100 - Step=200 - Placement and Selection Mode both random.
Click in the center of Layer 1 - Keep Selected  -Activate Layer 2 - Click slightly off center to any side.  Do the same for layers 3 & 4 - Select None
Unhide your frame and white background layer - Activate white background - Add a new raster layer - Select All
Open Paper 6 - Copy - Paste into selection - Select none.
Apply gemsmasks-171 - Merge Group - Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise - Gaussian - 50% - Monochrome ticked.
Activate very top layer (for viewing purposes)
Open Star Snow - Resize to 50% - Paste as a new layer - Arrange upper left corner of frame - Duplicate - Mirror - Merge Down - Duplicate - Flip - Merge Down - Apply subtle drop shadow and move this layer down in the layer palette leaving it above the mask layer

Open your tube - Paste as a new layer - Arrange Left - Duplicate - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur=3 - Change blend mode to soft light.  Activate original tube layer and apply porcelain with these settings.

Apply a drop shadow:  I used V&H=1 - Opacity=3 - Blur=3 - Black
If you are going to resize your tag do it now.
Apply appropriate copyright, licence number, wordart and your name.
If you aren't going to animate your tag, hide white background layer - Merge visible and save as a PNG.


Locate tree layers in your layer palette.  Close off visibility to tree layers 2, 3 & 4.
Copy Merged - Paste as a new animation in AS.
Back in PSP close off visibility to layer 1 and Open Layer 2 - Copy Merged - Paste after current layer in AS.
Back in PSP close off visibility to layer 2 and Open Layer 3 - Copy Merged - Paste after current layer in AS.
Back in PSP close off visibility to layer 3 and Open Layer 4 - Copy Merged - Paste after current layer in AS.
Select all frames in AS - Change Frame Properties to 22
View animation - If you are happy with it save as a GIF.
When saving your animation click on customize and use these settings:

Here is another version of the same tag using the art of Caron Vinson.

I hope you enjoyed my tut! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

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