Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Entertain You (Animated)

Click on HERE to view animated tag at actual size.

Supplies needed:

PSP and Animation Shop
Tube of choice - I'm using PinUpToons - Purchase at CDO . 
Also, Keith Garvey - Purchase at Garv-Girls PSP Tubes  .
You must have a license to use these tubes.
 FTU Scrapkit Golden Nights Tagger from Wicked Princess Scraps - HERE
Animation by Abstract Creations - Used with permission included in Supplies
Please visit her blog she has so many awesome shares there!
Thank you Abstract!  You rock!
Filters Used - Xero - Porcelain (Optional) and Penta - Jeans
Fonts used: Park Avenue
Supplies - HERE
Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowlege of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.

Ready to have some fun?  Ok lets go! 

Open a new canvas 600px wide by 250 px high - Flood fill white.
Open WP_GN_Drapery - Paste as a new layer.
Using your move tool to pull it down so that the rod is just out of view on top.
Lower the opacity to 97
Open WP_GN_Swag - Paste as a new layer - Resize to 105%
Arrage - Make sure the white background layer is completely covered.
See my tag for placement.
Open WP_GN_Perfumbottle - Paste as a new layer - Resize to 50%
Arrange upper left hand of your tag.
Open WP_GN_Stairs - Paste as a new layer - Resize to 70%
Arrange towards left so the end of hand rail is in the center of your tag more or less.
Open WP_GN_Piano - Paste as a new layer.
Move to far right bottom of tag so only a small portion is showing on the right.
Open WP_GN_Jartrio - Hit Shift + D to duplicate - Close original.
Grab your Freehand selection tool - Point to Point - Add (Shift) - Feather and Smoothing 0 - Anti-alias ticked.  Now carefully select the roses as show below.

Copy selection and paste as a new layer - Mirror and arrange on top of piano.
Open WP_GN_Bottle - Paste as a new layer - Resize to 50% and again to 65%
Arrange on top of piano keyboard.
Paste your tube as a new layer - Arrange - Duplicate - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur-3
Change Blend Mode to Soft Light. 
Activate original tube layer - Apply porcelain filter with these settings:

Apply drop shadow - I used V&H=2 - Opacity 40 - Blur 4 - Black
This is a dark tag so drop shadow isn't really necessary so apply the same drop shadow where needed.
Add a new raster layer - Select all - Flood fill black - Selections - Modify- Contract 1
Hit delete on your keyboard - Keep Selected
Add a new raster - Flood fill with #810000 -  Selections - Modify- Contract 5 - Delete 
Keep Selected - Activate the 1 pixel black layer - Flood fill Black
Selections - Modify- Contract 1- Delete - Select None
Activate 5 pixel red layer - Apply Penta Jeans - Amount 62 - Border Width - 4
Crop tag 600 px  by 250 px.
Add appropriate copyright, license number, text and name.
**Note:  If you're not animating your tag but want to use a frame of music notes, open the animation in A/S and resize as shown below.  Copy frame 8 and paste as a new layer above the red swag.** 
Save as a JPG or PNG.
Skip the next step and move on to the Avatar.


Open Abstract's animation in Animation Shop - Select all layers - Click on Animation
Then on Resize Animation as shown.

Use these settings:

Back in PSP locate the top layer of your tag in your layer palette.
 Close off visibilty to all layers except:  Swag, Drapery and white background layer.
Copy merged - Paste as a new animation in A/S - Duplicate to a toal of 29 Frames
Activate Frame 1 - The music notes animation should still  have all layers selected.
If not, Select all - Locate frame 1 and grab the animation and drag it on top of your tag.
Let go when its placement is more or less here:

View animation to make sure its not skipping a frame.
Back in PSP go to the bottom of your layer pallete can close off visiblility to the 3 frames
that are open and open visibility to the frames that were closed. - Copy Merged
Paste as a new animation in A/S - Duplicate to a total of 29 frames.
Locate frame 1 - Select all - Grab frame 1 and drag it on top of the animation you just made.
View animation - If you are happy with it, save as a GIF.  (Remember, you can click undo and redo as many times as needed to get this step right.)  When saving, click on customize and use these settings:

Now the first part of your set is done.  On to the Avatar.


In PSP open all layers that had visibity closed off.  Hit Shift + D on your keyboard.
Image - Resize - Smart Size - Resize all layers box ticked. 
Resize to 480 px wide by 200 px high.
Now you can arrange the elements layers if you wish behind your tube.
I deleted the perfume bottle layer and moved the piano and rose layer to left.
Grab your crop tool set to 150 px wide by 200 px high
Click on your tag - Grab the center node to arrange the crop selection.
When happy click on crop - Delete any unnecessary layers.
Activate the top layer in your layer palette - Add a new raster layer - Select all.
Repeat same process to make your frame.
 But instead of using a 5px red layer make it a 3px layer.
Add appropriate copyright, license number, letter or name and save as a JPG or PNG.

And your ready to enjoy your new set! 

Here's another example using the awesome art of Keith Garvey.

Click HERE to view animated tag.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and come back soon! 

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