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Cute But Dangerous! (Animated)

View animated version HERE

View animated version HERE

Supplies needed:

PSP and Animation Shop (Optional)
Tube of choice - I'm using Pinuptoons - Purchase at CDO . 
Also,  The Hunter - Purchase at Apocalips Studio 
You must have a license to use these tubes.
 Animation flash1_by Missy at Divine Intentionz grab it HERE .
Filters Used : Mura Meister - Copies - Wall Paper (Rotate)
Filter Factory Gallery G - Xaggerate
Eye Candy 5 - Impact - Gradient Glow
Xero - Porcelain
Cybia Screenworks - Boxed Dot
Fonts used: Linotype Zapfino Two (Pay Font) and Arkitech
Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowlege of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.

Open a new canvas 600px wide by 250 px high - Flood fill white.
Paste your tube as a new layer.
Apply  Copies-Wallpaper (Rotate) with these settings:

Duplicate - Mirror - Merge Down
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius -10
Apply Filter Facory G - Xaggerated Filter I used 10 for both fields but you can play with it until you get the effect you want.
Now grab your selection tool set to Rectangle - Add/Shift - Feather 0 - Anti Alias ticked and draw a small selection as shown:

Promote selection to layer - Flood fill Black - Select None.
Duplicate twice.  Grab your Move tool and move one copy to the right leaving a space in between and pull it just a bit down farther than the original. Grab the other copy and do the same but move to the left (you can hide the copies layer to make the positioning easier). Once you have positioned the 3 strips how you want them, hide all layers except the  3 strips and merge down. 
Duplicate - Mirror - Merge Down - Apply Gradient glow with these settings:

Un-hide all layers. - Paste close up as a new layer - Position - Duplicate - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius 3 - Change blend mode to soft light.  I turned down opacity to 50 for this tube.
Activate original tube layer - Apply Porcelain Filter with these settings:

Apply drop shadow of choice.  I used V&H 2 - Opacity 40 - Blur 4 - Black
Paste your full body tube and arrange to your liking.  Follow same procedure as for close up.
When you are happy with how your tag is arranged, crop tag to size to get rid of all the overhang.
Add a new raster layer - Select all - Flood fill black - Selections - Modify - Contract 1 - Delete.
Add a new raster layer - Select all - Flood fill with color or gradient of choice - Selections - Modify - Contract 4 - Delete.
Activate 1 pixel black layer - Flood Fill black - Selections - Modify - Contract 1 - Delete - Select none.
Activate 4 px. gradient layer - Apply Screenworks - Boxed Dot Filter to this layer only.
Apply text, appropriate copyright and your name. 
If you are not going to animate your tag, skip the next step - Merge visible and save as a PNG or JPG.

**On to animation**
Open Animation Shop
Open flash1_byMissy - Select all Frames (Ctrl + A)
Now back in PSP, starting at the bottom of your layer palette, close off visibility to all layers except the bottom 3 which should be the white background, the Xaggerated layer and the black strip layer.
Copy Merged - Paste as a new animation in A/S - Duplicate to a total of 13 frames - Activate Frame 1.
Go to Missy's animation - Grab the animation in the center by left clicking ït and while holding the button down drag it on top of your tag: When it's placed where you want it, let the button go.  View animation.  (Remember, you can click undo and redo as many times as needed.)
Back in PSP, starting at the bottom of your layer palette, close off visibility to the 3 layers that were showing and open visiblity to all that were closed - Copy Merged - Paste as a new animation in A/S - Duplicate to a total of 13 frames - Locate Frame 1 - Select All - Grab it the same way and slide on top of your tag. When it is placed right let go.  View animation - If you are happy with it, save as a GIF.
When saving, click on customize and use these settings:

Now the first part of your set is done.  On to the Avatar.


In PSP open all layers that had visibity closed off.  Hit Shift + D on your keyboard.
Grab your crop tool set to 150 px wide by 200 px high
Click on your tag - Grab the center node to arrange the crop selection.
When happy click on crop - Delete any unnecessary layers.
Activate the top layer in your layer palette - Add a new raster layer - Select all.
Repeat the same process to make your frame as you did for your tag.
Apply appropriate copyright and name or letter.
If you are going to animate your Avatar you do exactly the same thing you did to animate your tag only this time grab the animation from the outer edge so just part of it will be on the avatar.  The more animated the tag is the larger the file size and some forums won't accept Avatars over a certain amount of kbs.
View animation - If you are happy with it, save as a GIF.

And you're done!  Now how easy is that?

Here's another version of the same set with the awesome art of The Hunter.  The full body tube is sitting right behind the close up to give the close up a "winged effect" as the close up didn't come with wings. 

View animated version HERE

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial...come back soon! 

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