Saturday, January 11, 2014

Me + U = ♥

Supplies needed:

Paint Shop Pro - Any version
Tube of choice - I'm using Chloé by Alicia Mujica - Purchase at La Botique . 
Also, PinUpToons - Purchase at CDO.
You must have a license to use these tubes.
 FTU Scrap kit - I Heart You by Kittz Kreationz Find it HERE
 Mask - Suz Heartmask 4 by Creative Misfits Creations Find it HERE
Also, Mask 15 by Simone at Scrappy Bit of Fun  Mask downloads are located on the lower right hand side of her blog.  Download Masks 001-0104
Filters used: VM Extravaganza - Transmission (Optional)
Xero - Porcelain
Font used: Heartbreaker
Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.

Open Frame IHU-8 Hit Shift + D to duplicate - close the original.
Go to Image - Canvas Size - Change to 600px Width and 650px Height
Add a new raster layer - Select All - Flood Fill White
Move this later to the bottom in your layer palette.
Add a new Raster layer - Select All - Flood fill with #b80101
Apply Suz Heartmask 4 - Merge Group - Duplicate - Merge Down- leave selected
Add a new Raster layer - Open Paper IHU-P1 
Copy/paste into selection - Select None
Apply Mask 15 - Merge Group - Duplicate - Merge Down
Select all - Float - Defloat - Go to your layer palette and right click on the white background - Promote Selection to layer - Select None.
Duplicate it 3 times so you have a total of 4 white heart layers.  Starting on the top one, Merge Down until you have one single white heart layer.
In your layer palette, move this layer up so it's directly beneath your mask layer.
Activate the frame layer.
Grab your rectangle selection tool and draw a selection like this:

Keep selected - Add a new raster layer 
Move it under the frame layer in your layer Palette.
Use a gradient or color of your choice.
I used the "black blind" gradient from my PSP with these settings.

If you don't have a "blinded" gradient you can get the same effect this way.
Flood fill selection with black - Apply VM Extravaganza - Transmission
Line Width 20 - Offset 0 - Contrast 40
Leave selected - Add a new Raster layer - Open Element IHU-68
Copy/Paste into selection - Select None
Open Element IHU-10 - Shift + D to duplicate - Close original.
Grab your Freehand selection tool and select 4 hanging red hearts with the diamond bling like this:

Copy/ Paste as a new layer - Arrange under your curtain layer.
Open Element IHU-10 - Shift + D to duplicate - Close original.
Open Element IHU-43 - Copy/Paste as a new layer on your teddy bear.
Go to Image - Resize - 88%
Turn opacity of your heart layer down to 75 in your layer palette so it becomes slightly transparent.
Arrange it on top of the other heart the bear is holding so it covers it.
Now here's the tricky part... Zoom in to 250%
Lower the opacity to 30 of your heart layer so you can clearly see his hands.
Grab your freehand selection tool and carefully select his hands.
It will look like this:

Make sure you have the heart layer activated - Delete - Select none.
Do the same process for the other hand.
Turn opacity on heart layer back up to 100% - Merge heart layer down.
Go back to your tag and activate the frame layer.
Copy/Paste the teddy bear - Resize 60% - Arrange.
Duplicate teddy bear - Set blend mode to Soft light on duplicate layer.
Apply drop shadow -  I used V&H=2 - Opacity 40 - Blur 4 - Black
Open IHU-16 - Copy/Paste as a new layer - Resize to 25%
Duplicate and arrange to your liking. Apply same drop shadow.
Open IHU-15 - Copy/Paste as a new layer - Resize to 65%
Grab your pick tool (deformation tool) and turn the heart to the right slightly.
Arrange and apply same drop shadow.
Open IHU-62 - Copy/Paste as a new layer - Resize to 60%
Arrange upper top right - Duplicate
Move duplicate later to lower left so some small hearts are showing.
Merge down- Apply same drop shadow.
Go to your layer palette and move this layer down until it is on top of your Suzmask layer.
Go back and activate frame layer and give it the same drop shadow.
Paste your tube as a new layer.
Arrange - Duplicate - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur-3
Change Blend Mode to Soft Light.
I turned the opacity down on the soft light layer to 30.
Use your judgement what setting is good for your tube.
Activate original tube layer - Apply porcelain filter with these settings:

Apply drop shadow - I used V&H=1 - Opacity 30 - Blur 3 - Black
Apply text, appropriate copyright and your name. 
Merge visible and save as a PNG or JPG.

Here is another example using the art of PinUpToons... 
oh my she is so cute too!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial...come back soon!  

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