Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Supplies needed:

Paint Shop Pro Program - Any version will work
Tube of choice - I'm using Yvy by Alicia Mujica - Purchase at her new store HERE
Also, the art of PinUpToons - Purchase at CDO .  
You must have a license to use either of these tubes.
 FTU Scrap Kit - Spring into Color by Jenny's Designz grab it HERE
 Mask - CandysTreatsMask 3B grab it HERE (1st download)
Filters Used - Xero Porcelain
Fonts used: Kon Tiki Kona JK (Pay to use)
Please don't forget to leave a lil love when downloading!
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP.
Click on any image to view at actual size.

Open a new canvas 600 px wide by 600 px high - Flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer - Select all.- Open paper 1
Paste into selection - Select None.
Apply mask - Merge group - Now go to Effects - Artistic Effects - Enamel
 Apply Enamel effect with these values:

Open frame 2 - Copy / Paste as a new layer.
Grab your magic wand and click inside frame - Selections - Modify - Expand 20
Add a new raster layer - Open Paper 8 .
Copy / Paste into selection - Select None
Move Paper layer below your frame layer in your layer palette.
Open Tree3 - Paste as a new layer arrange under frame layer on upper left.
Open Tree - Paste as a new layer arrange below frame layer on upper right
Open Glitter - Copy / Paste as a new layer - Mirror - Resize to 90% 
Make sure the "Resize all layers" box is not ticked.
Activate Frame layer - Open Grass - Copy / Paste as a new layer 
Arrange to left - Duplicate - Mirror
Open basket - Copy / Paste as a new layer - Resize to 70% Arrange on left.
Open Grass3 - Copy / Paste as a new layer - Resize to 59% Arrange on right.
Your canvas should look something like this now.
Add any elements you want now.  I used:
Flower14-Resized to 80%
Flower10-Resized to 35%
Flower4-Resized to 30%
Flower7-Resized to 22%
Bird3-Resized to 48%
Chick-Resized to 30%
On the elements above I duplicated them and applied a Gaussian blur to the duplicate layer and changed the blend mode to soft light to give them a softer effect.
Egg-Resized to 26%
Egg2-Resized to 26%
Butterflys (2)- Using your freehand selection tool, select one butterfly.
Copy / paste as a new layer - Duplicate and Resize to 2 or 3 different sizes. 
Mirror and arrange as desired. Number of butterflies is optional.
Paste your tube as a new layer. 
Arrange - Duplicate - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur 3
Change the blend mode to soft light in your layer palette.
Apply porcelain filter to original tube layer with these settings:
Apply a drop shadow to your original tube layer.
I used V&H 1- Opacity 30 - Blur 3- Black 
Apply same drop shadow to all elements EXCEPT Grass, grass3, basket and Frame2.  For grass3 I selected the long grass strips with my freehand selection tool and applied a drop shadow to that part only because if I applied a drop shadow to the whole element it gets dark on the grass part. Apply a heavier drop shadow to frame 2  I used V&H 2- Opacity 40 - Blur 4 - Black.
If you are going to resize your tag, do it now.
Apply text, appropriate copyright and your name. 
Hide your white background layer, merge visible and save as a PNG or JPG.

Here is another example using the art of PinUpToons... so CUTE!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial...come back soon!  

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