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All of my tutorials were written by me based on my own ideas.  Any similarities to any other tutorials are coincidental and unintentional.  My tutorials are meant to be used as a guideline, but you don't have to follow them exactly as they are written.  Please feel free to let your own creativity flow so your finished tag will be unique.

I try to supply only copyright compliant material for my tuts.  Supplies I give you have either been shared with me, made by me, credited to the creator or when applicable a link is supplied for download.  If you see anything that is not credited properly, please contact me and I will either give proper credit or remove it.

 Contact me at:

You Are Allowed To

1.  Use my tutorials in group challenges. You don't have to ask my permission to use them in your groups as long as you post a "text link" to my blog/tutorial.  Do not copy and post my tutorials in your groups or hotlink to them.

2.  You can print out my tutorials for your own personal use.

3.  Anything you create with my tutorials is yours to do as you please with as long as there is no commercial gain from it.

You Are NOT Allowed To

1.  Copy and post my tutorials anywhere.
2.  Rewrite my tutorials and claim them as your own.
3.  Receive any kind of monetary gain with my tutorials.
4.  Translate my tutorials to other languages.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address and thank you for taking the time to read my terms of use.

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